Ceviche Bar Tasting “Leche de Tigre”CHF 45.00

4 dishes: classic, Nikkei tuna, crab causa, octopus skewers..

Ceviche Carretillero
pescado & calamar frito CHF 22.00

Dorada fish cold marinated with “Leche de Tigre“, served with Choclo, red onion and calamari fritti.

Tiradito Nikkei de atún CHF 28.00

Fresh tuna filet Nikkei “Leche de Tigre” radish soy sauce.

Tiradito de Conchas Anticucheras
conchas, asadas y huancaína acevichadaCHF 26.00

Scallops anticuchera chili sauce parmesan “Huancaína Leche de Tigre”.

Ensalada Gourmet Andina *Super Food CHF 18.00

Lettuce selection, *quinoa, choclo in maracuya dressing.

*Vegetarian or vegan

Anticucho de Corazón de Res al Grill & *YucaCHF 27.00

Peruvian beef heart skewers.

*Gluten free

Main course

Arroz Frutos del Mar Criollo
Arroz, Frutos del Mar, Cremoso de Ají Amarillo CHF 36.00

Rice stir fry with fruits of the sea in creamy yellow chili sauce creole style.

*Lactose free

Lomo saltado al wok CHF 42.00

Beef fillet dices stir fry with soy sauce, tomatoes and red onion, served with native fries and rice with quinoa.

*Lactose free

Chaufa con Chancho Barrio Capón
Arroz frito, huevo, cebolla china, soya, cerdo asadoCHF 35.00

Chaufa is a Peruvian version of Chinese fried rice and roasted pork.

*Lactose free

Quinotto Alpino–Andino y SalmónCHF 36.00

Quinoa, seasonal vegetable, mushrooms, cream, Parmesan cheese (Vegan option available).

*Lactose free

Quinotto VeggiCHF 31.00

Quinoa, seasonal vegetable, mushrooms, cream.

*Vegetarian or vegan

Pollo Chijaukay con Arroz ChaufaCHF 33.00

Crispy fried chicken pieces oriental “chijaukay” soy sauce served with “stir fry rice” egg and green onions.

*Lactose free


Pisco Sour Lovers

The Peruvian Sours & Cocktails.

Pisco Sour
40% bis 44% | 4cl CHF 16.00

Lemon, Passion Fruit or Camu Camu with Pisco

Chilcano de Pisco
40% bis 44% | 4clCHF 17.00

Lemon, Passion Fruit or Camu Camu with Pisco and Ginger Soda


Sorpresa de Lúcuma
*Super Food for 2 people (Our chef’s speciality)CHF 22.00

Lucuma Mousse (Peruvian fruit)

Postre del DíaCHF 12.00

Dessert of the day.

Café Peruano Orgánico de ChanchamayoCHF 6.00

(Tropical Mountains Coffee) -
Gourmet – Quality, 100 %
Washed Arabica SHG, 1600 m.a.s.l., Central Peru

Coffee Cream


Beef: Ireland/Switzerland - Pork: Switzerland – Chicken: Switzerland
Fisch: Greece/Portugal/Iceland - Giant prawns: Vietnam
Metzger Gabriel AG – Seinet AG – Hugo Dubno AG
All the food used is selected
with great care by our chef.
For a detailed fish and meat declaration please ask our Pikante Team.
Prices in CHF, 7.7 % VAT included.