9. September 2021

Emilio Espinosa-Schwarz at BRIDGE

From April 8 to Mai 31, Emilio Espinosa-Schwarz – take part as guest chef for the first theme Lima Garden at BRIDGE. The culinary artist with Peruvian and Swiss roots inherited his passion for the culinary arts from his grandfather Albert Schwarz, who emigrated to Peru. Emilio’s enthusiasm and dedication coupled with creativity and professionalism are reflected in each of his dishes. In a refreshing way, he adds his own signature to authentic Peruvian dishes, giving you a unique culinary experience. In Switzerland, Emilio has been running the Peruvian restaurant Pikante at the Hotel Rothaus in Lucerne since 2017. Visitors experienced the taste of Peru. Emilio’s authentic ceviche, hearty chaufa or freshly prepared pulpo convinced them.